The Stressors – Farmers/Producers/Family

Stress impairs our ability to think, problem solve and distracts us while we manage our day to day tasks.

Operational Stress

  • Finances
  • Market
  • Weather
  • Decisions around inputs
  • Technology – Breakdowns/Purchases/Repairs
  • Equipment Breakdowns
  • Livestock Health Issues
  • Managing safety with chemicals and machinery
  • Hours of work – Stress of unpredictable hours and workloads
  • Crop and forage yields
  • Managing seasonal employees
  • Transition planning
  • The unpredictable – ie. COVID-19
  • Industry regulatory requirements

Family and Support System Stressors

  • Relationship with spouse – Unresolved arguments, domestic violence, separation
  • Relationships with children – defiant behavior, school grades, attendance and out of control behavior
  • Mental Illness – Struggles supporting a family members who has ongoing mental health illness
  • Chronic anxiety, depression, suicide ideation or suicide attempts
  • Supporting family member who is dealing with situational Mental Health wellness challenges but does not have a diagnosed mental health illness
  • Youth – struggling with relationships with peers or bullied by peers,
  • Traumatic events – sudden death of a family member, accident or terminal illness
  • Health Issues – Chronic health issues that are ongoing
  • Child abuse or neglect of children
  • Conflicts with extended family or those in your support system
  • Workload – Division of tasks between family and farm / producers operational needs
  • Addictions – Youth or Adult – Alcohol, Gambling or Drugs
  • Bereavement – Impacting of grieving on our day to day lives. Grieving can take control of our thoughts and actions. And have a negative impact on you and those around you.
  • Custody – The stress of negotiating custodial arrangements though the legal system and courts can be overwhelming and financially draining
  • Seniors deteriorating health, transition from independent living to level of care requirements.
  • The unexpected – COVID-19 has challenged all families to manage their safety and develop new patterns of behavior. And address those frustration/stress with all impacted.

Stress impairs our ability to think, problem solve and distracts us while we manage our day to day tasks. When there is stress on the operational side it will impact your family, support system and your interactions with others.

When there is stress with your family or support system it will impact the operational side.

Developing a plan to move forward will reduce the stress. When farmers are distracted and stress levels get too high, farmers are more likely to make poor farming and personal decisions.